On May 16, 2022, Old Greenwich Presbyterian Church’s Session (board of elders) updated our worship schedule and protocols to be:

  1. Masks will be worn by all worship leaders and choir during indoor worship services (except when speaking);
  2. Masks are recommended indoors, but remain optional for the congregation and small groups throughout the week;
  3. Social distancing, as much as possible, is recommended in the sanctuary and other indoor spaces;
  4. Worship services will be held outside (weather permitting) every other Sunday through the end of June (May 29, June 12, June 26);
  5. After-church fellowship will be held outside every week through June (weather permitting). 

See you at church!

Old Greenwich's Mission

The congregation of OGPC fully embraces its responsibility to bring the word of God into the community and world. We look to be inspired and unified in our shared mission:

“To Celebrate the Love of God in All We Say and Do”

And so, with the leadership of a new pastor and secure in God’s love and guidance, OGPC approaches the unknown future with commitment that God’s will be done and that as God’s people, we can witness the power and glory of God through our own actions. In doing so, we will celebrate the love of God in all we say and do.