Hello OGPC Online Friends and Family.  One of the highlights of our year has been worshiping with you online! While the pandemic has certainly been challenging, one of the blessings and joys has been being able to worship virtually with friends all over the United States and many countries around the world.  Thank you for worshiping with us, your support, and encouragement.

We wanted to share our current plans here at the church. You’ll find our most current church protocols here. Our sanctuary is now open for the congregation to come together.  For the coming weeks, we will rotate one week inside and then the next outside (weather permitting). As the number of people attending live each week is growing – we are engaging more with people in person.  We know this may mean those online are not able to always see/hear all happenings – but please know that our commitment is to ensure you have a positive worship experience online.  We are always happy to hear from you with ideas and suggestions.

When we worship inside – the tablet will be back in the balcony and will provide a steady view of the front of the church.  We are working on improving the online experience when we worship together inside for the long term.  There will be multiple cameras, different angles, and improved sound.  This design is already in progress and we look forward to showing off this new technology in the next few months.

We are blessed that you have and continue to worship with us from near and afar.  We hope you know how important you are to us and we look forward to your comments on FB, seeing your names pop up when you log in, and know so many are viewing at times convenient to you. Thank you for being with us!

Welcome to worship at Old Greenwich Presbyterian Church!

We are so glad you are worshipping with us – whether in-person or online! 

(We will continue to offer online services even as we gather in person).

As our children under 12 and some adults, are not able to be vaccinated at this time, we are committed to keeping our whole community safe and thriving. As such, if you are worshipping with us in person, the following is required: 

Old Greenwich's Mission

The congregation of OGPC fully embraces its responsibility to bring the word of God into the community and world. We look to be inspired and unified in our shared mission:

“To Celebrate the Love of God in All We Say and Do”

And so, with the leadership of a new pastor and secure in God’s love and guidance, OGPC approaches the unknown future with commitment that God’s will be done and that as God’s people, we can witness the power and glory of God through our own actions. In doing so, we will celebrate the love of God in all we say and do.